Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Which Premier League clubs dominate Google Search?

Find out how your club’s organic search performance (SEO) stacks up against the rest. Will they disappoint or lead you to Google glory! 🏆

Whilst I’m not sure the world needs this, as an avid Liverpool FC fan & SEO nut, I wondered what the premier table would look like If it was based on organic search performance. So, I checked!


Using SEMRUSH we pulled the total (worldwide) organic traffic for each club along with backlink volume & domain authority.  Then we generated the league table, ordering teams with the most traffic at the top. Eyeballs is what really matters in this here!

The Results ⚽️


SEMRUSH Metric definitions

 Organic Traffic – The amount of estimated traffic the domain receives, per month, from organic search. Click on the number to open a more detailed Organic Positions report. This number will adjust if you query a subfolder, subdomain or URL.

Domain Authority – This estimate how authoritative a site is, how much Google trusts them and how much SEO impact their links have when they send hyperlinks to another site.

Backlinks – Number shows the total amount of backlinks SEMRUSH found going to the domain.

Find out more about these metrics.


The winners & top-4

As painful as it is to write – Man United win. Whilst domestic traffic volumes we’re tight. Man U’s global reach allowed them to storm home with the win. 😭

Unsurprisingly it’s the old guard (Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal) that make top-4. All of them using their historical brand presence, backlink portfolio & DA to bolster organic traffic.

New money Man City just miss out, but they’re improving season on season, having roughly 10X traffic over the last six years.


Much like in real life, Brentford have maximised results with their resources, seeing rapid growth since their entry into the premier league. This supported by multiple documentaries and media pieces, have compounded site exposure.  👏🏼

Rock bottom.

Burnley can’t catch a break can they…

Despite being in the Premier League for a few years they lag behind in the search race. We couldn’t derive any clear reason for this. But factors such as club perception (Brand) and Geographical location are no doubt factors, when you consider most of the top teams are established brands from large metropolitan areas.

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