Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Importance of WordPress Updates

Do you want your WordPress site to be secure and up-to-date? Of course you do, but a large number of sites are left unattended therefore open to security breaches.

Every so often, WordPress themes, plugins and the WordPress core itself require updating. These updates help to keep your website safe and secure, as well as making sure you have access to the latest features, better compatibility and overall a better WordPress experience. A major part of WordPress updates are security release. So even if you’re not particularly bothered about the latest functions and features, it’s still important to update to keep your site secure. Most WordPress security breaches happen to sites that have not been updated.

Source: WPBeginner Upgrade WordPress infographic

When we perform maintenance on a website, we ensure all themes, plugins and WordPress itself are updated to keep your site in top notch condition. However, like with any application changes, an update may not play nicely with others. There are a number of reasons for this, such as conflicts with themes or programming errors. This is where the importance of website staging and backups comes into play. A staging site is effectively a copy of your current site, where you can test changes to your site before putting them live. Should any unexpected issues arise, the live site has not been compromised. If a staging site is not possible, having a recent backup to hand will allow a quick resolution.

Your website is an incredibly important part of your business. Keeping it updated ensures your visitors are getting the most current information and are having the smoothest, safest experience as possible.

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