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On average our clients see a 78% increase in organic visibility.

As Surrey’s top SEO agency, we know a thing or two about boosting organic traffic. Whether it’s fixing the technical parts of your site like crawlability & page speed, or generating Google-worthy content.

There isn’t any trickery with search engine optimisation. It’s all about creating high-quality content that maps to keywords. Whilst ensuring your site is technically sound & user friendly. That’s it!

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How our SEO service works

Unlike a lot of other agencies, our SEO service works on a rolling month-on-month basis. Meaning we don’t tie you into a long agreement. You’ll pay a fixed fee (retainer) at the start of every month. And can cancel at anytime – not that you’d want to!

What’s included

The following activities are included in our SEO retainer:

Keyword research

Keyword research to help identify phrases that content should be built around.

Content creation

Content creation to “catch” keyword searches & improving rankings. Compliant with Google’s E.A.T standards.

Analytics & ranking report

Breakdown of how your site is ranking for target keywords each month. And what conversions they generated.

Link building

Obtaining “back links” from other high-quality websites to boost website Trust Score & traffic.

Site indexing

Well your pages to all major search engines, through tools like Google search console & ensuring everything is indexed correctly.

On-site SEO

Fixing technical parts of your site that might affect your rankings. Including:page titles, meta data, Schema, duplicate content, site structure, broken links, redirects, sitemaps, robot.txt, .htaccess.

Regular updates

Your account manage will provide regular updates via video call every month. However, should any questions pop-up you’ll be able to call or email them anytime during working hours.

How much does it cost

Trickshot SEO starts from £800 per month. Whilst you might find cheaper packages out there, the truth is good SEO isn’t cheap. That’s because it involves detailed research, high-level copywriting, & web development expertise. All coming together in a strategic way.

You can find a full breakdown of our packages in the table below.

PackageMonthly ChargeHours of SEO work
Starter£80016hrs (Two working days)
Ramp-up£1,49932hrs (Four working days)
Takeover£1,87440hrs (Five working days)

*These can be modified to suite your requirements

How we track results

At the start of your SEO campaign we’ll agree a list of target keywords. Each month you’ll receive a ranking report, showing how keyword rankings have improved.

We’ll also report on how effective the traffic was, analysing the number of leads & sales generated. Using industry leading tools like SE Ranking, Google Analytics & Google Data studio.


Other key metrics we track are:


The number of value driving actions someone takes on your site. Such as phone calls or lead form submissions.

Engaged sessions

The number of sessions that lasted longer than ten seconds, had a Conversion Event, or had 2 or more page views.


The total number of people who visited your site/page.

What is SEO

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the processes of improving your sites content & functionality, so you can rank higher on search engines – like Google.

What it’s not is a quick route to free traffic. Or something you can “hack” through trending tactics. Good SEO is still built on the same 3-pillars it was was ten years ago:

Great Content

Your content must add value & should be written for people first, not search engines. Spend time researching what questions your customers have & write the best answer on the internet. This includes creating articles, whitepapers, infographics, tools, & video’s.

Technical SEO

Keep your code clean & error-free. We’ll routinely audit your site using our 150 point checklist, so it’s always in tip-top condition.

Offsite SEO

Build citations and links from other reputable sites. This let’s Google know you’re a trustworthy resource that deserves to show in the SERPS.

Why is SEO important 

Without SEO you could miss thousands of organic clicks & opportunities to sell. Over 1-Billion searches happen on every month. Making it an essential channel for most businesses.

Your competitors will almost certainly be working to outrank for high-value commercial terms, or even your brand name in some cases.

Source: MOZ: 71% of Clicks on 1st page
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Frequently asked questions.

No. Our SEO service operates on a rolling month-to-month agreement. If you’re not happy you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Good SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build out your site & reputation. Our unique approach can yield results quickly, as we get you featured in some of the UK’s largest publications. However, our strategies are designed to drive ROI over a long period - No one-night stands, we prefer deep & meaningful relationships.

Each month you will receive a detailed report breaking down exactly what your campaigns have accomplished. This will include keyword rankings, traffic growth, newly acquired backlinks, press features & revenue generated. We’ll also provide a list of key actions for the next month.

Sort of. Whilst we don’t do full SEO audits for free, we do offer free marketing review calls. Where we outline what work that needs to be done & where you have growth opportunities. You can book your call here.

We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses. So that’s anyone with less than 250 employees. But that aside, the most important thing is that you're committed to growing your business & improving your digital marketing.

The honest answer is it depends. Usually, we’ll ask you for a monthly budget & build an SEO strategy around that. The fee you pay dictates how many hours we work on your campaign each month. So the more you can put in, the quicker you’ll see results.

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