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So, you’re a rock star tradesmen that does great work, but no one can find your website on Google? Say hello to the solution!

We help tradesmen like you, get their websites to the top of Google every day.

Our experts optimise your site, create content & manage your Google map listing. Ensuring your site hoovers all the local service-related searches.

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seo for tradesmen

Why tradesmen need SEO?

When someone needs a local tradesmen like a plumber, where do they go to find them? The answers Google.

Simply put If you’re not at the top of Google’s when people search for your service, you’re missing out on sales. No business owner wants that.

Is it hard to rank as a Tradesmen? 🤔

It depends. Most of the time with a well organised site & a established Google My Business listing, you’ll see success quickly on local search. Allowing you to reach the top-3 positions.

If you want to rank for national search terms, backlinks are usually needed to support your content & site.

If your not sure what some of this means – checkout our SEO glossary

Why isn’t my site ranking already?

There are thousands of reasons a site might not rank, so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. But here are the ones we see most often. 👀

  • Broken links
  • It’s slow
  • Keyword stuffing
  • No backlinks
  • Not indexable/crawlable
  • Poorly mobile optimised
  • Thin pages
  • Google my business issues
  • No sitemap
  • Poor site structure
  • Not renderable
  • Low quality content
  • Missing meta data
  • NAP Errors
  • Poor keyword targeting
  • Spammy backlinks

What if my current site is broken? 🔧

Without solid foundations (a good website) search engine optimisation won’t work. If that’s the case we’ll recommend a site re-build, so we can fix any outstanding issues.

If you need a complete overhaul, check out our web design service.

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SEO Glossary

We know SEO can be a minefield. So, if you’re not sure what something on this page means, use the handy glossary below to find out.

Term What it means
Search engine An online application that allows users to search for information across the internet.
Search engine optimisation The process of getting your website to rank on Search engines.
Meta description Code that describes to Search engines what your webpage is about
Meta keywords Don’t worry about this. Search engines don’t use it anymore. It went the way of the dinosaurs.
Backlink A link from an external website to yours.
Google My Business The profile used to manage your map listing on Google search.
Title tag Code that tells Search engines what a webpage’s title should be.
Alt tag Descriptive text that shows if an image fails to load. It also tells Search engines what an image is.
Anchor text Text that links through to another web webpage
H1 tag Code that is used to mark up a webpage’s title.
Robot.txt The file that tells search engines where they should or shouldn’t go on your site.
.htaccess The file configures high level settings for your server (commonly used to manage redirects)
Disavow The ‘Disavow’ function tells Google to ignore a backlink and not to include it in your backlink profile
Disallow Found in the robot.txt, this command tells search engine crawlers not to crawl/index a page or area of your site.
404 error The error that occurs when a page can’t be found on your website.
Broken link A link that sends someone to a 404-error page.
301 redirect A permanent re-direct from one page to another
302 redirect A temporary re-direct form one page to another
Nofollow An instruction to a search engine not to follow or index the destination of a link

Frequently asked questions.

Our websites start from £1,500, with varying cost depending on the amount of work involved. This is the minimum charge needed to truly deliver a high quality end product.

No way! There are multiple reasons for this:

Off the shelf templates are full of extras you don’t need, which can make your site really slow & poorly optimised.

Pre-built templates aren’t created with your goals in mind. We want to create something 100% fit for purpose.

Yes, we can! Tracking calls as conversions is key to ensure you don’t miss out on essential data.

Yes! We do this as a standard part of any website build.

Yes! We can implement anything from Hotjar to Microsoft Clarity, both of which provide in-depth on site heat mapping data.

A few more reasons we rock. 🎸

No long contracts.

We don’t trap you in long agreements. We see it as our mission to add value to your business every month, earning every penny you spend with us.

No jargon or boring reports.

We don’t try to bamboozle with technical jargon. That’s just annoying. Our reporting is clear, showing all the things that matter, and nothing that doesn’t.

Amazing communication.

Direct line to a dedicated account manager who’ll get to know you and your business. They’ll also help formulate an SEO strategy & provide regular updates.

Level up your knowledge.

Check out our blog. It serves up actionable tips on how to improve your digital marketing.

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