Case Study

Gastro Catering

Gastro Catering cater for luxury events including weddings, conferences and much more! Wanting to drive more customers through Google Ads, they asked us to re-imagine their campaigns. With the goal of pushing more enquires through their site.

How we helped their business.

We performed a complete overhaul of Gastro Caterings Google ads account. Revamping everything from strategy to tracking.

By closely matching ad text to user searches, we were able to increase click volumes & quality instantly! Leveraging Googles new location insertion feature also allowed us to hyper localized our ads. Making our ads super-relevant for searchers.

Click through rate increased by 4x

Boosted by better ads with a clear call to action.

Conversion rates doubled.

Improved negative keyword selection filtered out lower quality clicks.

Cost per click down 30%

Implementation of Google’s smart bidding optimized bids at query level.

Higher quality leads.

By carrying out the changes above drastically improved lead quality, leading to more sales and less wasted time for the sales team.

Reduced cost.

With the reduction in CPC and increase in CPL, Gastro Catering now generate more leads for half the cost!

More control.

Improved ad organization now allows Gastro Catering to be more intentional with the types of leads they want. Letting them focus on profit & not just lead-gen.

Trickshot helped me with my Google ads for my business along with new campaigns. I am really impressed with their service to date and am pleased I found them!

Jess Krooger

Owner, Gastro Catering

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