Thursday, May 30, 2024

Stonehold Investment

Stonehold Investment is a leading UK renewable energy developer. Their expertise focus on designing and constructing energy production facilities. Additionally, they offer qualified individuals the opportunity to participate in investments and share in the profits generated by new developments.

The Challenge

Stonehold wanted to generate leads through Google Ads. However, several challenges needed to be addressed.

Firstly, they had to strictly adhere to industry regulations. Secondly, they needed to identify high-net-worth individuals who met the eligibility criteria for their investment program. This meant we had to be very selective in our targeting.

Our approach

We meticulously created a list of negative keywords to prevent Stonehold from participating in irrelevant ad auctions. This strategy ensured that they did not bid on traffic that would ultimately be challenging to convert into sales.

Furthermore, we provided guidance in optimising their landing page to enhance conversions. As a result, the clicks we generated converted at an impressive rate of over 8%. 

The Outcome

By taking a slow & steady approach, we were able to surpass Stonehold’s lead targets while simultaneously halving the cost per lead. Remarkably, we also managed to enhance the quality of the leads. All of this resulted in one very happy client. 😏


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