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CSI Limited

CSI Ltd is an award-winning IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) that has been in operation for over 45 years.

They were looking to scale their internal lead-gen through Google Ads and logically brought us in to execute.😜

The challenge

CSI’s niche market mainly comprised high-value prospects, albeit with low search volumes. The technical nature of their services also demanded a longer sales cycle and real education for potential buyers.

Our approach

Understanding the intricacies of CSI’s market, we devised a demand generation strategy. Working with their in-house content team, we promoted gated industry white papers.

This approach not only provided value to potential customers but also collected their contact details, channeling them into a carefully crafted, multi-touchpoint journey.

The funnel was designed to educate buyers about CSI’s offerings and steer them through the process of commencing projects with CSI.

Smart utilisation of data

Using CSI’s vast client base, we kept current customers updated on new products. We then created similar audiences based on this data.

This helped us align search and display campaigns. Display ads gave cost-effective visibility, while search ads, paired with RSLAs (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), caught and capitalised on the demand we created.

The impact

Tripled Lead Generation: Our strategies resulted in a remarkable threefold increase in monthly leads for CSI Ltd.
Reduced Cost per Lead: Compared to referral channels or other suppliers, our approach significantly lowered the cost per lead.
Secured Major Contracts: Throughout the year, CSI secured multiple large contracts, underscoring the efficacy of our collaborative efforts.

Through a tailored blend of demand generation, audience targeting, and strategic campaign integration, our expertise empowered CSI Ltd to achieve unprecedented growth in lead volume, reduce costs, and secure substantial contracts.

Our partnership showcased the immense potential of leveraging Google Ads for businesses operating in specialised, high-value markets.

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