Monday, March 20, 2023

Bubblegum Balloons

Bubblegum Balloons are the UK’s leading balloon retailer, stocking 1,000’s of products from their Surrey HQ. However, their Google Ads performance was falling short of expectations, prompting them to seek help from yours truly. 😉

The challenges

After delving into their account, we identified a series of optimisation opportunities. The account’s structure lacked organisation, hindering traffic flow and budget allocation.

High-value products were not distinguished from low-value ones, resulting in inefficient resource distribution. Worse still all keywords were primarily set to broad match, capturing irrelevant traffic and diluting ad performance.

In terms of what users were seeing, ad formats were outdated, limiting visibility and engagement. And the shopping feed was unsegmented, preventing granular message matching.

All of this formed a perfect storm of mis-mangement for Bubblegum Balloons. With their large product catalogue freely spending across a myriad of campaigns with little in the way of control. And seasonal peaks not being capitalised upon.

The work we did

We got right to work addressing these challenges by restructuring the account based on product lines and average order value, ensuring precise budget allocation towards high-performing products.

We enhanced our strategy by implementing Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) that dynamically inserted users’ current locations into the ad, coupled with delivery messaging. This innovation assured searchers that Bubblegum Balloons delivers nationwide, addressing their queries about delivery locations.

We also retained some broad match keywords to expand reach while adding exact match keywords for precise targeting.

Next we turbocharged our campaigns using an NGRAM script, slashing irrelevant search terms and buffing out our negative keywords. Plus, we redefined our shopping feed by segmenting PMAX campaigns into high-value and low-value product groups.

All these actions simply gave us more control of what users saw & where our money went. 👀

The results

Our work resulted in a remarkable 300% uplift in ROAS within the first 30 days, exceeding Bubblegum Balloons’ expectations and establishing a solid foundation for sustained growth. This trend then continued month on month as we accrued more data.

how to find your google ads id

{Pic: Showing ROAS over 5 months improved from 374% to 909%. Whilst increasing sales volume.}

Overall our work has enabled Bubblegum Balloons to simultaneously scale their ad spend and generate more revenue. Win-win right!

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