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Apex Mortgages

Apex is an independent Mortgage & Insurance broker in the UK. They struggled to generate the right leads through their own marketing efforts, but knew Google ads (PPC) was a great source of high intent traffic. Yet they struggled to get any traction…

That’s when they turned to us!

The challenges

Navigating the financial services arena was quite the journey. We’re seasoned veterans in this landscape, especially in the cutthroat mortgage industry. Trust me, it gave us a couple of sleepless nights.

Apex had to contend with direct lenders, lead generators, and fellow brokers. That’s why optimising their Google Ads campaigns right from the start was absolutely pivotal. Wasting money on poorly qualified clicks wasn’t an option.

Moreover, in the mortgage realm, consumers could be a bit unpredictable. Many casually browsed for new rates without any solid intention of making a purchase. For Apex, this meant precision targeting in their ads was key. We had to dodge the window shoppers who were unlikely to ever convert.

Our strategy

Our primary goal was to enhance the quality of Apex’s leads. By concentrating on acquiring better data and steering clear of irrelevant leads, we could ensure that Apex’s advertising budget was utilised to its fullest.

We placed a strong emphasis on lead-to-sale rates, which we tracked closely and fed back to Google via Enhanced conversion tracking for leads. This allowed us to begin excluding low-quality prospects early, saving us bundles of cash.🤑


Given Apex’s small team, we decided to niche down our campaign to focus on a specific segment of the mortgage market. This gave us a competitive advantage over generic players who were trying to serve everyone.

We also implemented a comprehensive negative keyword list to exclude irrelevant searches or searches that we deemed informational in nature.

Additionally, we removed the majority of branded search terms, as these are often used for navigational purposes rather than indicating purchase intent.

Finally, we employed GEO targeting to focus on areas with higher average property values, as this would lead to larger loan sizes and higher commissions for Apex.

Full-disclosure: We also did a lot of other clever things with data. But to protect our clients secret-sauce we can’t really illustrate that here. Sorry. 🤐


Our efforts resulted in remarkable success for Apex:

  • We established a reliable source of leads that would allow the internal team to scale
  • We reduced the cost per lead by 58% compared to Apex’s previous efforts
  • The lead-to-sale conversion rate for Google Ads leads exceeded those from all other lead sources managed by Apex’s internal team
  • By carefully considering the unique challenges of the mortgage market and implementing a strategic approach, we were able to unlock PPC & a whole new source of client generation for Apex

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